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Moi3D is my favorite guitar making software!

I've worked for more than 10 years with Rhinoceros and I've done work for companies with SolidWorks as well, but Moi3D offers unparalleled simplicity when making our guitars.

We are luthiers and we are first and foremost artists.

We don't need complicated engineering software to make our guitars.

This software forces us to join the neck and headstock in a mathematical way and we can see those horrible marked junctions that take us a long time to smooth them out by going through several tiresome processes.

Moi3D is a software that allows us to work intuitively and we can mold the shape in that smooth way easily getting our guitar much faster and the way we really want it.

I could say that Blend would be a strong candidate to replace Moi3D, but Blend is harder to learn to use.
Fusion 360, for example, is too complex for anyone who is not an engineer and its popularity is only due to the fact that it has a version that can be used for free, but I always receive numerous requests for help and frustration reports from luthiers because they feel it is very difficult to learn it.

The important thing is that you have your 3D guitar to machine as easily and quickly as possible!

Moi3D has a big advantage of being cheap software!
It only costs $295 and 3DCNCGUITARS offers you 20% off the license purchase.
You even get The Basic Video Pack for free!

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Tutorial Options

Basic Tutorial Content

Video 1-Importing and Organizing Vectors

Video 2-Fix the DXF lines

Video 3-Making the body surface on Moi3D Youtube

Video 4-Rounded Edge on Moi3D Youtube

Video 5-How to organize the elements on Moi3D

Video 6-Drawing under images on Moi3D

Video 7-An Easy Way to Make Guitars with Moi3D & VCarve


Stubborn Edges complete (the short video is on YT)
A simple customization

After these videos you will ejoy better the 3Dcncguitars tutorials on YouTube Channel