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SG Double neck custom 

Scale: 24.74 (628.4mm)
Neck angled: 2º
Nut: 1.690 (42.93mm)
12º fret 2.129" (54.1mm)
21º fret 2.296"(58.34mm)
Radius: 9.5 (241.30mm)
Headstock: 13º
Fret 1 thickness: 0.866" (22 mm)
Fret 12 thickness: 0.893" (22.35mm)
Body: 1.378" (35mm)
Note: The Pickguard is not included

Request it for Aspire 10.5

This guitar was based on a 2D plan.
3DCNCGUITARS buy good plans on the internet to convert them into 3d guitars to be machined on CNC, but these plans are closer to the guitars but not an exact copy from the original models.
Also because old guitars are hard to find one that matches with another, except after 90´ models.
The guitar files have their dimensions and aspects are very close to the originals but do not think that you will buy this file and take from the CNC an exact model as the original one.
The files already contain simplified toolpaths. So you can use them as a starting point for your own toolpaths.


1) The files are not intended for people with no previous experience with VCarve or Aspire.
The files do not have a step by step tutorial on how to use it.
If you buy this guitar for VCarve or Aspire it is understood that you have the proper knowledge in guitar making and the use of your CNC.
2) Any questions regarding the file and possible problems with it will be answered by support as soon as possible.
Doubts related to the difficulty of understanding the software and the lack of experience with machining will not be supported in these cases.
3) The fact that you didn't read these terms doesn't make you right to complain later for answers to your questions.
4) Remember, if you want to learn more about the software and CNC you can purchase the Tutorial available in our store and seek more
information on the Vectric website and with your CNC manufacturer.

3DCNCGUITARS / NBSDESIGN are the authors of this file.

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