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Les Paul Junior 1957

This guitar was based on a Les Paul Junior 1957 

You can use this neck for other similar Gibson models.

Nut: 1.7 (43.18mm)
12º fret: 2.086" (53mm)
Heel: 2.244" (57mm)
Headstock angle: 12º
Scale: 24.75 (629mm)
Fretboard: 12 radius ( 304.8mm)

Thickness neck:

- Fretboard 0.218" (5.65mm)
1º fret 0.733" (14.00mm)
12º fret 0.758" (18.30mm)
U shape


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Neck based on a Les Paul Junior 57 TV Custom

The headstock was modificated for
you use it also for another models.

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